N-Robot, developed by N-Partner using AI technology, is an intelligent network operation assistant.It provides continuous 24/7 monitoring for IT managers, tracking network usage and security status.

When anomalies are detected, it immediately offers optimal handling suggestions.This high-efficiency solution alleviates the challenges of IT talent shortages, high network operation costs, and difficulties in cybersecurity defense.

Once a Tool, Now Wise and Cool

  • It can maintain a background operation mode, using the large amount of collected data for learning and computation. It instantly compares current values with historical usage differences to detect anomalies, all without the need for manual intervention to set fixed thresholds.
  • It can completely record the user’s audit log and preferences in N-Reporter/N-Cloud. When there is a notable change in the reports that the user frequently monitors, it will proactively notify the user.
  • It can analyze the correlation between various situations, helping IT operations personnel save time and effort spent on numerous alerts and events, solely to identify the root cause of the issues.

N-Robot Chat:Friendly Chatter, Interaction Matter

Drawing from years of hands-on market experience, N-Partner has accumulated a vast array of operational cases and effective responses to obstacles and cybersecurity threats. Leveraging AI technology and natural language processing (NLP), we introduce the “N-Robot Chat,” an interactive chat feature designed for seamless communication. This allows managers to interact using natural language commands.